4. Google Earth

Selection of digital collages made by images taken in Google Earth
Exploring my surroundings’ digital twin. Glimpses of a fragmented reality.

Satellite Illusion
Not Mar del Plata 

Highway (Above and Below)
Not Autopista 25 de Mayo I 

Not Barrio 31 I 

Not at the beach
Not Cancun Beach

Not a boat
Not a washed boat

Not more glimpses of a fragmented reality...

Not Buenos Aires City 

Not Avenida 9 de Julio

Not Barrio 31 II

Not Ipanema Beach

Not a glitchy boat

Not Conurbano 

Not Autopista 25 de Mayo II 

Not Barrio 31 II

Not Mar del Plata Beach

Not an ethereal boat

Thank you :)